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All over the world, the conversation around protection of women’s rights and gender parity has gained traction. While some countries have recorded significant progress in this regard, some like Nigeria, are still lagging poorly behind. Sadly, even persons who should otherwise know better, continue in making light the issues around the subject.In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day (8th March 2021) with the global theme “Choose to Challenge”, ZEST LEGAL CONSULTS shall be offering free representation to 10 indigent women who are suffering injustice/abuse occasioned by gender-based bias. This opportunity is strictly reserved for matters that can be conducted within the Federal Capital Territory and selection of deserving cases shall be through interviews to be conducted during free legal clinics that will hold on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th March at a venue to be privately disclosed to interested women who indicate inbox.Furthermore, I shall be glad to receive from women, testimonies of men deserving of being celebrated for their roles in challenging the negative and backward trends by acts that promote, protect or preserve the rights of women. It shall be my delight to publish the most significant stories and celebrate these awesome men.So yes, we shall be challenging all stereotypes, prejudices, customs, traditions, practices, patterns, laws, policies, regulations and the like, that encumbers any woman from fully optimizing her potentials.Women’s rights, are Human Rights!


Happy new month!

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